Reported for cheating?

Does College Board only suspect me of cheating if someone reports me?

I clearly did not cheat on the exam because of the way the seats were arranged. I got my scores cancelled but I just wanted to know if I can argue my way out of this.

Did the proctor just dismiss you from the test? If so, what was his/her reasoning?

My proctor didn’t dismiss me from the test. I found out because the principal called me in today. (I took my exam on May 2nd.) She didn’t explain anything and sent me back to class so I’m assuming someone reported that to her and she isn’t sending the scantron, etc.

Would College Board have emailed me if they suspected me of cheating? I’m just trying to assure myself.

Do you recall doing anything that would make someone think you cheated? Did you cheat?

It seems to me you have a right to know the specifics of the accusation and respond. The principal didn’t tell you anything other than saying she wasn’t going to send in the scantron? There seems to be info missing from this story… ?

I didn’t cheat. It doesn’t benefit me in any way. Also, thank you for letting me know. I posted on CC because it’s hard to get in contact with the principal in my school. One last question, does CB invalidate my scores if I have similar answers with someone? Is that determined by them or through an anonymous report?

Yeah that was pretty much it :confused: She pulled me out of class and said my scores were cancelled and sent me back. And I’m assuming that she’s not sending the scantron because I didn’t receive a formal letter or anything from College Board so I just wanted feedback and opinions.

Did you say “why!?!” when she said “your scores were cancelled”?

I mean, seriously, I would not have moved from that spot until I got a darn good answer and proof of what they were accusing me of.

I’d go back in and get an answer. You can schedule another meeting with your principal, even if you have to sit in the office and wait for him/her to come out. The burden of proof should be on them to prove you did cheat.

Although I have to say this from you

makes me think you were cheating and you got busted. I hope not.

Wow … Well I guess you didn’t feel comfortable asking her for more details? I don’t know if you can assume anything right now…

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll be sure to schedule another meeting because that makes the most sense. I’m just scared to talk to the principal because she already has a bad impression of me.

You may want to get your parents involved. This is important enough that if you were my kid I would want to be in that meeting to advocate for you and make sure you didn’t get steamrolled.