reporting a D to ucsc

<p>To The University of Santa Cruz Office of Admissions,</p>

<pre><code> I'm an admitted transfer student for UCSC Fall 2010. I am contacting the admissions committee to inform the University of receiving a 'D' in Philosophy 13, and an 'NP' in Pre-Calculus for the Spring term of 2010 from Merced Community College. I received a 'B' in Spanish, a 'B' in Psych 1B, a 'B' in Physical Science, and a 'C' in Communications. I am currently enrolled in Pre-Calculus, Phil 13, and Art History for the summer session.
The 2009-2010 school year was a difficult struggle for many personal reasons. The 2009-2010 school year does not reflect who I am as a student. My sister passed in September and I was two weeks past the drop date. All the appeal counselor could tell me was, "If you're an hour late to work, and you get in a car accident, you're still an hour late to work. I cannot remove the 'W's from your transcript." After my transcript was tarnished from fall '09 I tried to make-up the classes I could not complete. I was told by a general counselor AND my transfer counselor that I needed to complete Phil 13 to maintain UC eligibility. It wasn't until I met with a UC transfer counselor from UCM that I discovered that the class was a waste of time and not even necessary for my 60 units. During the Spring semester I was enrolled in 21 units while working and coping with the loss of my only sister. I piled on more than I had time for. I also would have successfully passed pre-calculus h

<p>ad I not taken on the unnecessary load of Phil 13. Phil 13 was my first philosophy class, and my being introduced to the toulmin method. Pre-cal was also another first. As a result of theses burdens my gpa suffered, but I will bring it back above a 3.0 this summer. I need to complete a Phil 13 again with a passing grade in order to complete in an academic renewal. This will boost my gpa up dramatically.
I had the job of a nearly DOUBLE full time student, a barista, and a caregiver for my mourning mom. I was unaware that my role as a daughter would become a job. Watching my mother mourn was just as hard as coping with the loss of my sister. I stepped up to the role of the emotional caregiver. This job also entailed taking the brunt of my mother's anger. Spring 2010 consisted of many trials that I was unfamiliar with.
UCSC is my first choice of schools. I met with David Fajnor in the spring when my TAG fell through due to my transfer counselor's neglect to attach my UCM inter-segmental cross enrollment transcript. I told Mr. Fajnor that UCSC was my primary choice of the colleges I applied to. Being a UCSC Banana Slug will enable me to focus on one job, and one job alone; being a student. The grants offered to me by UCSC will enable me to quit my part time jobs, and focus on academics. My mother will make over ______ next year, which means that I will not be given the Cal grant that has been awarded to me for 2010-2011 renewed for 2011-2010. nor will I receive the UC Blue and Gold opportunity plan. These financial opportunities will not be granted if I reapply for next fall.
Living on campus will also give me a chance to fully immerse myself into my education. I feel out of control of my capabilities in Merced. I know UCSC will grant me the opportunity to focus on education. I'm also aware that Psychology is one of the most impacted majors at UCSC. I am willing to enroll as an undeclared for the fall 2010. I will do whatever is necessary to ensure my acceptance; including letters of recommendation from my summer school professors. Thank you for your time.</p>

<p>**My letter to UCSB was slightly similar.</p>

<p>Am I screwed?</p>

<p>can I appeal after getting rescinded?</p>

<p>I don't know how they look at things like that, but my friend got a D in a required class to complete her IGETC and they rescinded her admission until she retook the class.</p>

<p>But she had no reason why she got a D other than she parties and drinks too much. If they take letters like these into consideration, you will have a much better chance. I would clean up some of the grammar though.</p>

<p>Was it this year? Competition is REALLY stiff right now! I'm told that all ucs, aside from ucm, are closed for spring applications. I guess I just have to wait it out. :/</p>

<p>This was my rough draft. I just wanted to get it in before the ucsc office closed at 5. UCSB was closed today.</p>