Reporting AIME without reporting AMC?

<p>I have qualified for AIME twice. The first time I got a decent score on the AIME (6) but a very low one on the AMC (88.5, which was the cutoff). The second time I got low on the AIME (2) and low on the AMC (94.5). Does it look strange to report the score of 6 on the AIME without reporting the AMC score from that year? I listed AIME qualifier twice as 10th and 11th grade so does it look strange to report only one of the AIME scores and none of the AMC? I want to report the 6 but the rest are poor, so that's why. The colleges that I am referring to are MIT, Caltech, Brown, and Yale. (Also, MIT and Caltech probably have higher standards as far as AMC/AIME goes, so maybe I could do something different for them than for Brown and Yale).</p>


<p>Does anyone know the answer to my question</p>

<p>My son didn't report all his AMC, AIME, and USAJMO scores, part because he doesn't keep tracks of all the scores and also because a couple of them are not good (he didn't report a 2 on his last AIME). So I think it should be fine to just report the scores you feel comfortable with (like AP scores).</p>