Reporting AP Scores/ACT Scores to Florida

I filled out my Common App for the Florida applicaiton, and although the dates of my ACT and AP tests showed up on the print out, but the actual scores didnt. Are they supposed to? I submitted it anyway thinking that I would report my ACT and AP tests on the SSAR, but they weren’t on there either. Does Florida just expect that you’ll have ACT send your score directly and have the College Board send your AP score directly? Thanks

You definitely need to have the ACT send your scores to UF and any other college you want to attend. You are given a few “sends” when you register for the test. If you didn’t designate UF, for example, then you need to go back and have the ACT send your score(s) to UF.

I don’t know the specifics on AP courses. I believe you can specify with the college board which scores you want to share with UF. But I would double check that.

UF doesn’t consider AP scores for admissions purposes, so you can just send them if you are admitted