Reporting AP scores?

<p>In general, if a college doesn't have room for AP scores on its application somewhere, should an applicant have these scores sent in by the College Board AP department? Or is there another way to turn them in. (If they are all good scores).</p>

<p>A related question: if you self-report, do you have to send in your AP scores, or can you do that later (when you get in, that is?)</p>

<p>No you don't have to have them sent in by CB on your application. Only once you have committed, you send them in May. Obviously you don't want to lie because if they see that you misled them on your application, I don't think they would be pleased.</p>

<p>If a college doesn't have room for them on the application, I just didn't mention them, but if you wanted to list them in an "additional information" section or the like, I'm sure that would be fine.</p>