Reporting DE Classes on transcript

S23 has turned in all his college applications, and now it is time for me to complete the guidance counselor mid-year grade report. This fall for the first time he took DE classes (all his classes for the semester) at a local community college.

For his transcript thus far I have listed his percentage grade for each class. The CC transcript only lists a basic letter grade, not even with + or -. However, I know what percentage his final grade was for each class from information the professor provided.

Should I stick with my historical practice of listing the percentage? Or should I match the CC transcript and only list the letter grade?

A few of the colleges he has applied to will require an official copy of the CC transcript, if that matters. Also, although his grades for 3 of the classes were very normal (95, 95, 96), in one class he got a 118. :grimacing: The teacher offered a lot of extra credit and S23 did all of it.

For the love of whatever it is you hold sacred, do not report 118. Nothing screams grade inflation (and potentially grade grubbing) more.

When in doubt, match the transcript


Those were my thoughts, too. I just wasn’t sure if it would be weird if he had three years of number grades and then one year of letter grades. But if that is unlikely to be a problem, it is absolutely what I feel more comfortable doing!

It is not a problem at all. I’m unaware of any college that assigns number grades (although they may exist), while many high schools do use number grades. It’s not a unique issue at all.


We used letter grades from DE classes - and my guys used a couple of their Profs for Letters of Recommendation since those speak much more volume than parental LOR.

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When self reporting grades, report them exactly as they will appear on the transcript of the school where the grades were earned.

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