Reporting for indoc reservations

<p>Refresh my memory, when my current 08 reported for indoc he had a team meeting the night before indoc, is that pretty much how things have been for the last few years in terms of reservations. That would typically mean 1 or 2 nights in NY. Assuming of course that some people may want to visit NY earlier or stay longer. Is there any other required type meeting? Hope this makes some sense.</p>

<p>Also would be curious about places anyone would care to recommend</p>

<p>yea i think they still do the athletic team bbq's the night before.</p>

<p>They had the BBQ last year the night before indoc. So assuming it's the same this year, the BBQ should be on the 9th of July. So really, you would only need 1 night at the hotel....9 July, because unless you want to stay longer you could leave after lunch muster at indoc.</p>

<p>We stayed at the Glen Cove Mansion--the off-season rates were very reasonable and it worked well for our family, as they had ping-pong, basketball courts, raquet ball courts, etc.</p>

<p>having stayed twice at the glen cove mansion, I can highly recommend it. however, I'd rent a car instead of counting on a taxi. last time I got a very good deal by using expedia - combining car and hotel. (don't go with the default car company on expedia). if I recall, with car, it was around $130 a night! (parent's weekend in Sept) - cheaper the week prior to indoc. it was a good time to go see the city as well, around the 4th!</p>

<p>How did you find the Glen Cove for $130 a night in July? That's prime season on LI........Off season, ie, winter months you can get the rooms there for $99 which is a great deal.</p>

<p>We stayed at the Glen Cove Mansion as well when we took our son for Indoc.
Can't remember exactly how much we paid but, APE's price quote seems about right. I'm sure my wife used Priceline, Expedia or something equivalent. She is
a peerless bargain hunter. :)</p>

<p>two deals on glen cove- in july: I used Expedia, hotel only.
prices were good, but that was because I stayed for 5 or more days. (we went up for indoc the week before, goofed off around NY and oyster bay)
at parent's weekend the big deal was the car rental. (Not using expedia's default car company, but switching to dollar rent a car, with pick up at JFK) the car was $10 when booked with the room. I ended up with a Chrysler 300.
again, don't go with the default.
only big problem with glen cove is that it's about $36 each way if you take a taxi (to kp) and it's not on the same rail line. otherwise, its a great location, nice property. good place to get away. Oh, the Sunday Brunch is pretty amazing. (Don't remember who, but there was another plebe staying there parent's weekend)
priceline is good, but not as specific as expedia or orbitz.</p>

<p>Last July I booked at the Glen Cove in May at the $99 a night rate for July 3rd through 5th. Check online in May to see if the winter rate holds.</p>

<p>How far is Glen Cove from Kings Point? Is it an easy drive?</p>

<p>It's a very easy drive. Takes about 20 min. The hotel is very nice too. They even have an old bowling alley in the lower level of the original house. Pretty cool :)</p>