Reporting SAT Scores on Common App?

D is applying RD for Bucknell, and has entered her SAT scores in the self-reported test score section of the Common App. She also indicated she wants her test scores considered in the Bucknell questions on the Common App. However, when reviewing the PDF final copy prior to submitting, the testing section shows “There are no test scores to report.” On other college applications submitted the scores were visible, and nothing has been changed since.

Bucknell’s admissions page says you can self-report on the Common App and send actual test scores later if accepted. Anyone else run into this? What is she missing here?

Call the admissions office, there may have been something wrong with the reporting question.

@Yocco3 According to the Bucknell admissions office, there was some bug which caused this. You’re daughter is not alone in this, my son, too, had the same issue with his scores not showing in the final PDF of the Common App. But apparently, the school did receive the scores.