Reporting Volunteer Hours

<p>Hey, does anyone know how to report your volunteer hours to colleges? Should you attach a resume and just include the number of volunteer hours? Also, how are you supposed to prove how much time you've actually volunteered?</p>

<li>I think you would attach the volunteer hour sheet to the application, but I'm not sure.</li>
<li>For every service you complete, you should log the number of hours you did and get the phone number and signature of the moderator. For example, my local library logs all the service hours into a computer, and prints out your work on a sheet when needed.</li>

<p>It depends, really. I volunteered by tutoring middle schoolers so I put down the appropriate hours on my application. The teacher who I was helping (Spanish teacher) ended up writing me a supplementary recommendation about what I was doing.</p>

<p>Check what your school does too. Our community service hours are on our transcripts.</p>

<p>For the most part, college applications are based on a honour system; they'll trust you to put down the correct number of hours, and not exaggerate/try to pad your resume. Usually colleges won't actually call up all the places you volunteered and verify that yes you did volunteer 102.5 hours in one year; they simply don't have that kind of time.</p>