Repost: Chances??

<p>I posted this in college admissions and only got two comments so i decided to repost it in here and see if i could get a better response:
I recentally applied to the University of Miami and I'm worried my credentials may be to low. i also applied regular decision because of some confusion with the Frost School of Music Application so that worries me alot because of the amount of people that typically apply then. About my creds :
I am a senior right now with a 3.4697 gpa. This semester, though, I got a 3.857/3.9. I am ranked 51 out of 234 or top 21%. Right now I have 17 out of 28 honors credits over my whole high school career, 5 are dual enrollment and 1 is Pre-Ap ( my school did not get really "big" into AP until now and I have no idea what an IB course is. Im not sure if any schools have that in the state of Louisiana and if they do then its probably more down south). I also most likely will be graduating as an honors graduate at my school. In Louisiana we also do the ACT instead of the SAT. I got a compostite score of 26 - English: 30, Reading: 28, Math:24, and Science:25. Yes I know this is low, since i missed the february act deadline I was highly debeating on taking the SATsince ive heard that people who are more "english/reading" orianted tend to do better. But the next one is in march so i dont know if i should take it or would it be a waste of time. I took the PSAT as a sophomore though and i got a 49 on the Math, 52 on the english, and 58 on the writing, but i dont know how that is equivalent to the actual SAT. Could some one please explain that and give me advice on retaking the SAT?
I only sent them stuff I did senior year, but i did alot of stuff from freshman year to senior year. I pretty much filled out all 10 extra curricular activites on the Common Application, but I was wondering if I should call or email then & add stuff I did from my freshman year and on. I guess you can decide as I list them:
Freshman Year: LeadAmerica Medical Confrence participant (summer before), band (marching band, symphonic band, woodwind ensemble, and district honor band), soccer, FCA, church chior, and freshman cheerleading
Sophmore Year: band (same ensembles as before, but also including Brazillian Percussion Ensemble, South Central Regional Music Confrence Honor Band, and substitute player in my school's concert band), North Louisiana Youth Symphony Orchestra, church chior,
and Spanish Club
Junior Year: Band (same ensembles disculding Brazillian Ensemble.), First Proirty, Spanish Club, Kick-Off Mentors, Newspapering, and FBLA (went to nationals with my entrepeurnearship team)
Senior Year: Band (same ensembles discluding Brazillian. Also I participated in the LMEA All-State Symphonic Honor band), school chior ( i did not add this in my application, but i wish i had because we performed a concert with Charles Bruffy and commisioned a song by Blake Henson), Keywannettes, Kick-Off Mentors, Newspapering, FBLA, DARE Role Models. My leadership positions are mainly in band as I am head section leader, music librarian staff manager, and principal player.
Commuity Service:
Ive done most of my community through my organizations above. Though i did not include all i my application like whenmy frosh cheer team adopted a class from an elementary school etc.
I really do not know what else to say. haha, but if you have any questions that would help you fully understand my "creds" than feel free to ask. One more question though, how do music scholarships & financial aid for this school work? because I know if I do not get a HIGH SAT score there is no way I am getting an acedemic scholarship.

<p>soooooooooo...yea can someone PLEASE answer this?</p>

<p>I'm working on something for you polly....a lot to digest here....</p>

<p>You've given a LOT of information here polly.<br>
Your combined PSAT score of 159 roughly converts to a 23 on the ACT and 1070 on the SAT (Math and Reading only) - I'm using:
ACT</a> - SAT - PSAT Conversion</p>

<p>It's not surprising that your actual ACT score is higher than the "conversion" score, my daughter's was too. Probably a maturity in your test taking. I would also think that the ACT score of 26 would be a better predictor of what you may score on the SAT. Using:
SAT-ACT</a> Conversion chart
you'd be looking at maybe a 1200 SAT (Math and CR only).</p>

<p>These numbers seem pretty low on UM's scale of those that they have posted here on CC. However, according to Miami's Common Data Set:
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
fully 46% of last year's enrolled students had an ACT score between 24 and 29. See page 11 of the pdf file. So, a 26 is right there in the running!</p>

<p>I have always been a believer that the more tests you can take the better, so why not take the SAT to see what happens - you don't have to report the scores if you don't do well, but if you do, it may help you get accepted.</p>

<p>You have loads of ECs and I would think those certainly help add to the positive side of a decision for you. Seems like it couldn't hurt to email the pre-senior year ECs as an addendum to your application. Again, if you are on their fence, it could only help, right?</p>

<p>I'd make a guess that you wouldn't be offered any merit scholarships with your current scores, but I'm no expert. </p>

<p>I cannot comment on Frost music scholarships or financial aid.
Hope this is of some help.<br>
Good luck to you!

<p>Thank you so much! This actually helps alot! Im sorry I put so much information, when I get to writing its hard to stop, also sorry if I seemed so impatient! I will defietly take your adivce to heart! :)</p>

<p>Will you need to audition for Frost?</p>

<p>ACT seems low, but you never know.</p>

<p>Send a "resume" with all your EC's , leadership, awards, employment, etc. This is for 9th grade to present. We sent resumes to each school kids applied to. Use Admissions address and make sure to put your name, address, DOB, SS" on it so it lands in your file.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>ok I will definetly do a resume. I'm actually just doing marching band and I wont have to audition</p>

<p>on a random note I also realized that I had one Civics Ap class and one English Pre-Ap class. I did have a Macroeconomics Ap class, but they changed it to honors. <- if this changes my status any..</p>