How represented are these states?

Pretty well represented

It’s “his” school so he should know more about it than anyone here (at least before we know what “his” school is. :slight_smile: Do you have reasons to believe he was purposefully telling a lie?

Not sure about Maine, NJ and PA are probably two of the five most well represented states in the Bs world.

Is PA as well represented as NJ in NE BS? At least until a few years ago, PA was not even close to NJ. It might not be considered as under-represented but was not so well represented either. Maine may be somewhat under represented but it’s a small state to bug with.

At Choate this year (around 865 students):

ME: 1
PA: 11
NJ: 26

Groton (~380):

ME: 2
PA: 5
NJ: ~10

And PA’s population is 13 million while NJ’s 9 million.

I bet you if they counted “have vacation homes in Maine”, that number would balloon.

Winter Harbor/Grindstone Neck FTW!

Episcopal HS 2014-2015 - (approximately 435 students)

ME 0
PA 3
NJ 18

PA is pretty spread out. To families from the western part of the state, NE and southern schools are probably too far away. It could be better represented in BS in mid-Atlantic area.

St. Andrew’s-DE for 2014-2015, from a total of 299:
Maine – 1
Pennsylvania – 16
New Jersey – 34

I’m changing my handle @sevendad :). I’m not familiar with that part of Maine but I’m certain the houses command a high price!

@MAandMEmom: Remember to call them “cottages”, not “houses”. :wink:

Also, I bet if we looked into the geo-representation of ME, NJ, and PA for say The Hill School, George, Solebury, Perkiomen, Wyoming Seminary, etc.; we’d see a lot of PA.

I’m not sure it would really matter, though, even if PA weren’t very well represented at even Mid-Atlantic state schools. I presume the point of the original question was whether being from one of these states, if they were under-represented in the BS population, might help with admissions. I think that when people suggest that being from an under-represented state is a plus in the admissions process, they mean states that are not only under-represented but also truly “different” from the states that are well represented. Being from a Philadelphia suburb, for instance, isn’t meaningfully different than being from a town just on the NJ side of the PA-NJ border. But being from, say, Wyoming is. I don’t think it much matters to schools if they have 8 kids from PA or 5, but they’d love to have a kid from Wyoming, or Oklahoma, or Alaska.

I remember being told at Andover that PA was surprisingly underrepresented there.

Like the big cities? I met someone going to BS and he said Nashville and Memphis are well represented at his school. That sounds a little odd to me.

Are these states well represented?
New Jersey

How well represented is upstate NY?

How well represented is the DC area?