Republican Political Involvement: Plus or Minus?

Hello. My son is planning on volunteering for a Republican House candidate for our district. Is this something he should share with admissions committees of boarding schools, or something he should conveniently forget to mention?

Interesting question! My $.02: I think “being involved” is pretty much universally viewed as a positive, so maybe focus on that rather than on the party affiliation per se or the candidate specifically (especially if it’s a Q-Anon candidate ;))

Thanks, Droids!

Definetely! Political activism is always good, especially for young people since they have the lowest voter turnout. Boarding schools love “diversity”, and with many being Liberal “echo-chambers”, I think it will only strengthen.

I think it’s fine as long as it isn’t a candidate who openly thinks QAnon is “legit” or something like that. Normal political differences aren’t going to matter and there are tons of conservative kids at BS (at least in NE).