Reputation and Prestige of Connecticut College

Hello Guys, I have until June 1st to make a decision and wanted to know what the reputation and prestige of Conn is like.

I really love the Conn community and how accepting it is but I recently realize that not a lot of people around me know much about Conn (a lot of them thinks I’m talking about UCONN) and I got a bit worried because I would want to go to a school where employers would recognize the degree as I hope to work right after I graduate.

Is Connecticut College a well-known school in general and what is the reputation of the school like? i know this shouldn’t be a concern in choosing a school but I just wanted to know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Employers know Conn College. That shoukdn’t Be a worry.

If you don’t go there, what’s your alternative.

It is just some kids who aren’t familiar with conn colllege, but employers know that it is a fine school.

It has a very good reputation.

What do you intend to study ?

Any career plans ?

What are your other options for school ?

I intend to study international relations and economics and I’m not completely sure about career plans but leaning towards Journalism or Banking/Finance.

My other options are/were Trinity College, Bowdoin, Franklin and Marshall, Pitzer and McGill.

My alternatives are/were Trinity College, Bowdoin, Franklin and Marshall, Pitzer and McGill

Socially–based on your posts in other threads–you would be most comfortable at Conn College, Pitzer, & at McGill University.

For journalism, McGill might be your best option due to its international perspective.

For banking / finance, Bowdoin & McGill.

Conn College has a fine reputation, but in terms of prestige, it ranks behind McGill University & Bowdoin College.

Conn College works hard at generating internships & career opportunities for its students, but it has to.

I’m curious why you say that McGill will provide more of an international perspective than a college in the states? Because it’s in Montreal? I’m not disputing what you’re saying and am hoping that you know better than I do. I’m asking because on the face of it, that doesn’t make sense to me - which could say more about me than about the statement itself. Help me out.

McGill University has about 23,000 undergraduates & a total student enrollment of over 30,000 students. McGill has a significant presence of international students–almost 30% from more than 130 countries–and is located in a major city which identifies as much with France as it does with Canada.

Montreal is cosmopolitan, bilingual, and unique and “a world-class city…with an international flavor.” = quote from the Fiske Guide To Colleges 2020.

Also, Canadian news offers a much different viewpoint from American news which is understandably US centric & US focused. Canada simply is not as unified as is the US.

OP’s other options are LACs with enrollments of approximately 2,000 students each. The LACs have relatively small international student populations ranging from 6% to 13%. F&M enrolls about 2,300 students of which 18% are internationals.

Thanks for explaining your POV. Much appreciated.

Just checking in, did you decide on Conn, or did you pick another school?