Reputation and rigor of the CS program?

Was accepted into the Computer Science program here. Could people weigh in on its reputation and rigor? Also how hard is it to get into a reputed Grad school from here?

UMass-Amherst has a solid computer science program. I think USNews ranked this school’s CS program 25th, which is very low (as in close to rank 1).

OMG the UMASS ranking of 25th in CS is for their GRAD school, not undergrad. The Undergrad program was just given "college " status 2 years ago. Prior to that it was part of the Natural Science program.

Why the OMG??

I am an OOS student and I was admitted early to the CHC at uMass Amherst with a very generous scholarship. I have indicated on my application that my choice of engineering is ECE. However, I might want to change it to Computer science later. Is there a way to change your major (and department) in uMass Amherst after say the first year?
Also, is it possible to double major in CS + ECE in four years? (I’m prepared to work very hard and take rigorous courses)