Reputation of Manhattan College?

My daughter was accepted with a nice scholarship but this is one campus we weren’t able to visit. Can anyone give me their impressions? Current students or parents?

@socalmom007: My daughter and I visited it earlier this year as it was one of her safeties. She wants to major in ChemE. She quickly ruled it out as she decided she wanted a larger school (as underscored by the deposit she put down on Rutgers, so I know she’s serious about “large”).

Thoughts about our visit to MC:

  • The core campus is very nice (it was actually the setting for the movie “A Beautiful Mind” – not Princeton).
  • Neighborhood looked OK.
  • Food was pretty good … nice variety.
  • Faculty at School of Engineering and particularly ChemE were helpful. My daughter liked the class she attended.
  • MC has a strong reputation in the NYC metro area for engineering … not sure how far beyond that.

One negative – the engineering building is not on the main part of campus (where the Quadrangle is). You have to walk down an alley next to the student center and then about two blocks down sidewalks next to auto body shops. Though I understand that MC is buying that land and will be adding a dorm over the next couple of years, it was a bit of an eyesore and about a 15 minute walk from main part of campus.

What is your daughter majoring in? Where is she looking?

Thank you so much for your feedback @mtown27 ! My daughter is majoring in mathematics. Manhattan was also a back up for her. She’s been accepted to UT Austin, Purdue, U Mass Amherst, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ithaca College, Seattle U, Drexel, and others. Her list makes no sense, I’m aware. She’s always had a dream of going to college in New York. She was not accepted at NYU, or Fordham which was a blow. Her short list right now is Cal Poly, Seattle U, Manhattan College, or U Mass. I’m not sure what she’s going to choose. Manhattan is smaller than she wanted, but the location is a definitely calling to her. She has liked the catholic schools we’ve visited, but they were a bit larger than Manhattan.

Manhattan a very good regional school. Strong for engineering, there is no doubt its smaller, more intimate campus will foster a tight knit community and friendships. It is a small campus in a nice part of the Bronx. Not a lot to do in the area, but a train ride from Manhattan and all that it has to offer. My nephew will be attending Manhattan next year. While Manhattan may not have the same rep as bigger local schools NYU and Fordham (Fordham also in the Bronx and a bit of a rival as seen by Manhattan), you get out of an education what you put into it. A very good education can be had at Manhattan.