<p>What's the reputation of Rhodes in the workplace? How strong is job placement for graduates?</p>

<p>I’d say that Rhodes has a better reputation when it comes to getting people into grad schools than getting graduates jobs.</p>

<p>Graduate school seems to be next step for majority of students. Alumni connections seem to be huge, as well as Memphis connections, in job placement. Internship opportunities are incredibly plentiful (thanks often to alumni/Memphis), as it is quite unusual for students not to do at least one internship</p>

<p>Reputation of a school may help knock the door but the final decision on getting a job or not will have to do with your abilities. Rhodes provides a lot of internship opportunities, which will definitely help in job-seeking.</p>

I graduated from Rhodes and went on to law school in Texas. I think in towns near Memphis, Rhodes has a great reputation. Unfortunately, I have run into the problem of tons of people who have never heard of Rhodes and assume it is like a community college. Those who do know about Rhodes, though, have very nice things to say about it.

The job placement rates are whatever they are. Just keep in mind that the reputation for any school matters most if people have heard of it.