<p>How well known is Lafayette? What's the admission rate to some law schools like Yale and Harvard? Thanks!</p>

<p>You can get more info about admission rate to Grad Schools and Employment for graduating classes here - Career</a> Services: Graduate Outcomes</p>

<p>When you ask how well known is Lafayette, what do you mean exactly ? Amongst Grad Schools, amongst employers, how well known is it in PA ?</p>

<p>how well known is it in the USA and amongst grad schools</p>

<p>Lafayette has a great reputation amongst Grad Schools for both it's rigorous curriculum and it's numerous non-academic opportunities for students. As you can see in my earlier post, students have been accepted into a number of great graduate schools consistently over the past few years.
How well known is it in America - that's a difficult question to answer since Lafayette is very well known amongst Grad Schools, employers and prospective students; however, the general public will not know really about Lafayette since its such a small place.</p>