Request for Additional Writing?

Hi there,

Anyone else applying RD receive an email from Grinnell asking for a 100-word “Why Grinnell” supplement?

Everyone who applied RD will get this. It lets students demonstrate their enthusiasm and interest in the school outside of the formality and stress of the application package. My advice would be to not overthink this but rather write from the heart.

I agree with Otterma. Whatever you do, just be sure to submit it on time. As I recall, there wasn’t much time allotted.

Clever way to engage in yield protection.

It may be a bit of yield protection, but, in recent years, two of my daughters applied to Grinnell. Both received emails asking for additional 100-word Why Grinnell supplement. Neither responded. Both were accepted with merit scholarships.

S19 sent his in last week. Too late for those reading it now as it was due on the 27th. Only 100 words so why not? Pretty easy for him to say why he likes Grinnell.

D18 received the same email and complied with their request. I always have a soft spot for Grinnell. They were incredibly generous, giving her an Early Write, which took the edge off the waiting for the rest of the RDs to come in.

@Meddy hoping for that early write. I know they don’t give many but they come out around 2/6 last year. We shall see what happens next week!

@homerdog O:-) Sending one up for you!