Request for an interview

Hey guys, if I have not received an interview, can I write in to request one?
Thank you

Duke sent an email with the following:
“You don’t need to do anything to request a local alumni interview. If we have alumni interviewers in your area, one of them will contact you by phone or email to arrange an interview in the coming weeks. If we are able to offer you an interview, you will likely hear from an alumnus or alumna by mid-November…In the event that you are not offered an interview, you are welcome to submit an additional letter of recommendation in place of the interview.”

@lookingto Thanks. I just wonder that if I have not been contacted by now, the chance that I will be contacted will be low right?

I haven’t been contacted yet either and I kind of gave up on getting contacted for an interview… :frowning:

Looks unlikely. Interview reports are due Nov 18.

@sgopal2 is it possible for the interview dues to be different in different areas? I haven’t heard any applicant in China has been contacted yet…

@yc2989 China has a separate interview policy. The interviews in China are not done by alumni. See here

@meiduoer I’m an international student and I just got contacted for an interview. Was super surprised… I thought I wouldn’t get any so I already sent an additional recommendation to Duke… :frowning:

@lookingto where are you from if you don’t mind…

@yc2989 I’m from Korea!

@lookingto okay thank you

@lookingto cool. sad I dont think I will get an interview hahah I am also an international applicant

If you were granted an interview, does that mean you made it past the first admissions “readers”?

@sleepyparent: No. The DAA tries to interview all applicants who submit their applications by a certain deadline. This varies by region (and the number of alumni available). The offer of an interview has no relationship to a first pass review by the admissions staff. In fact all alumni interviewers are blinded to the student’s stats who are being interviewed.

@sgopal2 Thank you!