Request for AP scores?

My son received this today from CSUN. Did anyone else get this email? I thought AP scores are not needed until July 2021? He entered his AP scores in his application although he already met all his A-G course requirements even without AP credits.

“Our records indicate you may have completed an exam for college credit. Please submit an official score report to CSUN Admissions and Records to assist with processing your Fall 2021 application.”

Yes! My son got this today too! So confused…I didn’t think they needed them until the summer. :thinking:

What’s his major?
My son is CompSci.

My son is an Art major. He took 4 AP tests last year. I think it’s strange they are asking for them now. We already sent his SAT score so I don’t think it’s that.

My son took 5 AP last year, and he actually already sent his AP scores to the general CSU Apply College Board ID in July 2020 (as part of the free send score).
So he emailed the admissions office a receipt of that July 2020 score send, and asked if he needs to resend it again ditectly to CSUN. No reply yet.
It is very strange why they’re already asking for official AP scores and it even sounded like it maybe considered for admission?

Shoot. I wonder if we should send them in then? My son was already accepted to Cal State LA and to Sacramento State, and they didn’t ask for the test scores. I was hoping to only send them to the school he chooses…not sure yet which one that will be. He applied to 12 schools.

My son applied to 10 CSUs. So far, accepted in CSULA and CSUCI, haven’t heard from the other 8.
Only CSUN has sent this kind of AP score request.

Yeah, same here…this is the only school that has made a request for them.

Since the CSU’s are test blind this admission cycle , they can use other criteria to determine eligibility and admissions decisions. CSUN apparently is using AP scores if self-reported.

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@Gumbymom ok…thanks for chiming in. So sounds like we should go ahead and send them over then I guess.

@SactoMom21 just curious, did you hear back from CSUN?
No response/no result yet for my son. But anyway, he’s unlikely to go to CSUN since he got in CSUF. I’m just curious what’s taking long on CSUN admissions cause CS major is not even an impacted major in CSUN.

No my son hasn’t heard back either yet. It isn’t his first choice either so not a huge deal, but it does seem like they are taking longer than some of the other cal states.

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Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up…my son got his acceptance email from CSUN today! :grin:

Yey thanks for the update, and congrats to your son.
My son also got his acceptance email today.
He applied to 10 CSUs. Just waiting for results on the top 5 :no_mouth:

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That’s great! Congrats to him as well! We are still waiting on San Jose, his first choice and Long Beach. :crossed_fingers:

I’m late to the party, but find this interesting. My daughter was accepted to CSUN on 1/20 (Art - Animation) and they never asked for her AP scores.

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It’s so strange that they asked. I had my son email admissions and ask if they needed them right away, this was before he got his acceptance, and they replied back and said no, but that they would need to be submitted if he was accepted and planned to attend. :woman_shrugging: Maybe some of the kids got the email by mistake or something. Does your daughter have a 1st choice for Animation? I know you guys are also waiting for San Jose like us. I was so hoping we would hear this past week. :frowning: More waiting!

Her dream school is CalArts, but I suspect it will remain a dream. :wink: I sent you a pm with more details that wouldn’t interest the general group.

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I just replied. :blush: