Request for MS in CS Fall 2022 Ivy League Profile Evaluation

Hi guys hope you are all doing well!

I am looking to apply for MS in CS, Fall 2022. i am targeting US universities. If anyone who has been through the process could evaluate my profile and let me know a few tentative universities that I have a chance at, it would be really helpful
I am attaching my details:

Karan Malik
CSE from USICT (3rd year currently), CGPA = 8.62

GRE Score = 335 (170Q, 165V) and 4.5 in AWA


  1. CSIR- National Physical Laboratory (Research Intern) - 1 year
  2. Ernst and Young (EY) (Automation and AI Intern) - 3 months
  3. Gazelle Information Technology (Data Analyst) - 1 month
  4. Decision Science Academy (Data Science Intern) - 4 months
  5. Times Internet (Software Quality Assurance ) - 1 month

Research papers:

  1. Using Machine Learning, Image Processing and Neural Networks to sense Bullying in K-12 Schools - published at the Asian Journal for Convergence in Technology (AJCT)

  2. Using Machine Learning, Image Processing and Neural Networks to sense Bullying in K-12 Schools: Enhanced - Accepted for publication at Springer (This is an incremental work to (1))

  3. Comparison of Pseudorandom Number Generators and their Application for Uncertainty Estimation Using Monte Carlo Simulation - Accepted for publication at Springer MAPAN journal: co-authored by Dr. Jiji Pulikkotil and Dr. Anjali Sharma, scientists at NPL Delhi.

  4. Detection of Facemasks in Real-time using Deep Learning methods: Prevention of Covid 19 - currently under review

Some of my projects:

  1. Real-time face mask detection - this is the basis of my final paper. The system is most likely going to be implemented in a couple of schools using their CCTVs and my society gate as well, to ensure people entering are wearing masks. It is still in talks though.

  2. Ted - The Deep Learning Chatbot: DL and NLP chatbot made using Python and Rest APIs to answer general queries, google search, get the weather, the top 10 songs and news stories, set timers and so on. Hosted on heroku.

  3. PrepData - A python library to automate the process of tabular and textual Data Preprocessing in python.

  4. NewsWarriorz - A telegram bot to identify miscommunication related to Covid -19. It uses 4 newspapers’ daily articles to scrape the relevant articles.

And many more minor projects.

I have conducted many workshops pertaining to AI and ML in our college as well as other colleges. We have conducted workshops for govt school students to provide them with options open in the technical field. I have regularly mentored students and juniors in ML as well as GRE preparation.


  1. Top 10 at Hack the Mountain: Hackathon by Devfolio with 200+ teams.

  2. Top 20 at the MIT Covid19 challenge hackathon with 5000 teams worldwide.

  3. State Level Essay writing winner

You may want to remove your name and identifying information from your post.

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I don’t know how your grading works but your GRE score, internships, and research papers are great. I would expect you to be competitive everywhere if your GPA is good (I don’t the grading scale in your country to convert).

The biggest issue is that most masters programs are not funded. If you aren’t full pay, that will be the biggest hurdle.

Though some are. I believe UIUC funds many of their CS masters students (with the surge in CS popularity, many TAs are needed for the undergrads).