Request handscoring?

<p>Is it possible to request handscoring after this Wednesday (the last day to cancel scores)? What is the fee?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you can request handscoring after you get your scores back. Try the collegeboard website for specifics.</p>

<p>what is the purpose of hand-scoring?</p>

<p>Like if you're sure you put A, but the score report says you marked C, you should handscore. Those errors in filling the ovals can be common. Also if you skipped a question and get the whole column wrong as a result, I think you can explain to them what happened, and they'll re-grade it by hand. I'm not sure, though. That's if they give you the handscore option after the score comes. Do they let you do it after? Or must you figure things out before?</p>

<p>Also, a lot of kids forget to fill in the grid-ins and only write the numbers in. That should be handscored.</p>

<p>You can get something hand-scored after you get your results back. However, if you made a stupid mistake like getting a whole column wrong because you screwed up, that's your fault and the Collegeboard doesn't bump your score. They simply check it over to see that the machine didn't screw up because you didn't erase something enough or your pencil smeared, etc. </p>

<p>They go down the list and check whether or not your answers match an answer key, instead of letting the machine read it. </p>

<p>Usually, people just handscore when they're convinced they did better than their score shows and they don't trust the machine. Its unusual to have a score bumped up after handscoring. Your score can even go down, on occasion.</p>

<p>if there are smudges, you should handscore(bad eraser or something)</p>