Requests from Schools for Additional Documents Before Acceptance?

Hi - just curious about other people’s experiences with FA offices and document requests. My DS applied to several schools that don’t put out their decisions until late March or early April. We made sure to check the online applicant portals for them all - and have done so at least once a week since he applied - to make sure they don’t need any new documents, transcripts, letters, verifications, etc. While none of his portals show the schools need more info, he did receive a request from one of his schools for additional documentation for FA. This is probably a really silly question but he’s an only child so I haven’t gone through this process before…do schools that are not putting out decisions until March or April typically request more FA documents than those that are listed on their website? And if that is an unusual request - should anything be read into it that it may be a positive sign that he is at least still being considered and hasn’t been weeded out by the institution yet? He likes the school that made the request so he is hoping it is positive. Thanks.

Aid and admissions are independent. Many schools ask for a couple of FA forms specific to the school. The Dependent Verification form is common as is the Non-tax filer form.

Bummer - he was hoping it was a good sign that he was still being considered. The verifications and tax filer forms were all submitted in December as part of the CSS profile, this was another form they requested.