Required Coursework for Bio Majors

<p>ornell Required Coursework Q

<p>I am seriously consider transferring to Cornell University: CALS.</p>

<p>CALS requires prospective transfers with 60 completed/in progress credit to have a year of </p>

<p>chem, bio, calculus, writing, o-chem, and physics.</p>

<p>So far I have 45 credits and will complete 15 more by the end of this fall.</p>

<p>I have taken a year of:Bio, Chem, Writing, and Calculus along with other courses.</p>

<h2>This semester I will be taking O-Chem and Physics.</h2>

<p>My concern is, as i stated before, Cornell requires a year of O-Chem and Physics to be completed by the time you 60 credits to be eligible to apply.</p>

<p>But I will have completed only a semester of each, since I did not take any science courses my first semester of college.(I did not take science courses, because I went to HS in Eastern European country and had to take remedial reading class my first semester, which makes it impossible to take science classes that semester).</p>

<p>I already called CALS admissions and they told me, it will not be too bad you can still apply.</p>


<p>Since, i really want to go to this school alternative can be: I apply to CALS as another major and change my major after my first semester when I am done with O-Chem and Physics.</p>

<p>Note: You can choose the second major while applying to school: </p>

<h2>I also can indicate bio as my first major and some major with no such preqs as alternative one.</h2>

<p>What is your opinion is about it? Should I just go ahead and apply with a semester of physics and o-chem or I should apply as another major.</p>

<p>Should I just simply explain my situation with remedial reading in my essay</p>


<p>Kind regards,</p>

<p>Genomic DNA Saccharomyces cerevisiaet,</p>