Required stats for OOS Engineering Major

Is there a way to find out what average stats (grades, scores, etc.) are for accepted students applying out of state to the Engineering school? Since less out of state are accepted, I assume average stats are higher?

The data is not posted anywhere. In fact, unlike UNC, NCSU does not do a general comparison between in-state and OOS, nor does it compare acceptance rates, though these can be inferred. Just assume that they are higher than the stats posted for engineering in general.

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This will give you a clue but not engineering specific.

Engineering needs higher GPA and rigor for just about any school. Go above the minimums in Math and science especially for engineering. It’s a good school for engineering BTW.

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Thanks! Very interesting! We visited last week and my son was very impressed. Would love to hear any other info you have on the school…pros/cons.

Well they have paper engineering which I never heard of before… Lol… It used to be a bit easier to get into but the last 3 years every program has gotten harder to get into. Let them know you want to be there… Talk with your schools AO there… Nice regional program

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I was just reading on another thread from a few years ago that your son looked at Michigan for engineering? Is that where he ended up? We toured there last week as well. We are in Chicago suburbs. What kind of stats were required for their honors merit?

Yep. Just graduated with a great job. He didn’t do honors there and don’t expect to get merit being OOS. Pm me on anything you need for Michigan or join the Michigan threads. Fantastic opportunities. I live in Chicago by Wrigley BTW… Lol

But stats for engineering are unweighted 3.93with 34ACT. LSA is 3.9 with 32-35 Act. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about honors there. It’s tough enough without it.

We visited for S20. NC State and Raleigh are one of my favorites. They cap OOS enrollment at 18%(?) but several sources said they never hit that number. As long as his stats are good he should be competitive.

Oh that’s good to hear! He has high stats so that’s reassuring. Thank you!

That’s great he got a great job!! Congrats! Thx for the info on MI! It’s definitely on the list. I just joined this site, so need to figure out how to PM…lol! I might be back in touch as we get further into the process.

Np. All his friends got jobs or are going to grad school also.