Required Tests

<p>I was looking through several Ivy websites for my applications, and I learned that I have to send in ALL of my SAT tests that I've ever taken, along with all of the Subject Tests I've ever taken. Since I assumed the score choice policy would be in effect with these schools as well, I recently took subject tests just as a "tester" to see what they would be like, and did very poorly on two of them.
I'm going to retake them in October to raise my score, but they're going to be in different subjects. Will these poor first scores hurt me at all? Also, I took the SAT the first time and got a 2280, and then it slowly got a little bit lower the next two times I tried to take it. Will this hurt me, too?</p>

<p>Just apply to the ivies that allow score choice. (brown, dart, etc...)</p>

<p>Colleges will pick your best scores so don't worry. Also most schools ( ivies that is) don't allow score choice.</p>