Requirements for Architecture Major

<p>I have two questions,
Coming from a small boarding school in Delaware, I've never been able to take a formal course in architecture. I have been all over the world and studied architecture on my own for quite a few years now though and I believe that I could be happy making Architectural Design my career. I am wondering what the requirements would be if I wanted to apply to Cornell or RISD with the mindset of becoming an Architectural Design major. </p>

<p>My second question:
Does anyone know of a good camp for Architecture that I could attend next summer? Price is not an issue, nor is location (preferable on the East coast/Europeh though). Thank you!</p>


<p>Cornell has a Summer Architecture 6 week program, i'd look into that.</p>

<p>I can't speak to Cornell or RISD in particular, but my impression is that you do not need to have taken a HS architecture class to be admitted to most undergrad architecture programs. The academic requirements are going to be decent grades in math and physics, and an artistic side as demonstrated through a portfolio (schools vary in whether they prefer to see arch type drawings, or general artistic creativity in the portfolio). However taking a HS arch class can be helpful in both helping you decide you want to commit to the field, and giving you something to talk about in essays to say why you want to be an architect ("I like pretty buildings" isn't terribly strong) I presume a camp would be adequate for this.</p>

<p>Check out University of Cincinnati's School</a> of Architecture and Interior Design Summer Camp, though it may be limited in its offerings.</p>

<p>Also, UC's BS</a> in Architecutre requirements require only 1 art class. Moreover, "Portfolios and letters of recommendation are not accepted as a component of the admissions process."</p>

<p>Cornell has a great summer program for architecture. Also you do not need to have taken an architectural course, that's to be taught by the college. The college looks to see if you have the capacities to excel in learning though, and therefore what's most important is your Portfolio.</p>