Requirements for Bennington College scholarships.

Hi, I am from Nepal. What are the chances for full scholarships at Bennington College? What are the general requirements for this?

There are no set criteria for scholarships here, but there are two categories: need and merit-based. The former is based on your family’s income (eligibility is taken from the FAFSA and/or CSS), and the latter on your achievements, grades, talents, etc. There’s no magic GPA or special talent that makes you more or less eligible for merit aid - everyone is considered automatically, so you don’t have to apply to anything separately, and each application is looked at holistically. What I will say about need-based aid, though, is that Bennington has limited funds and cannot guarantee that they will meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need (and they often don’t). Because of this, there is often even less money available for international students. Something like 80% of the campus is on some sort of aid, so it’s definitely common to receive scholarships - just need-based might be less likely.