Requirements for Graduation

<p>I already have lots of units in my current school, and I am one class away from finishing my major. I was wondering if, as a junior transfer, my new school would require me to take a minimum number of major-related units and core classes.
I am most interested in UPenn, but Columbia and UChicago are also strong possibilities.</p>

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<p>Generally, there is a residency requirement of 30 or so units that you must complete at the degree-granting school, including substantial upper-division work.</p>

<p>You would also need to look at how the major sequence at your current college compares to the major sequence at your prospective transfer school. Almost certainly, several requirements will be different and courses may or may not articulate the way you hope they do. Some programs I've seen may even reject transfer courses entirely from the major program and require that you take all the major classes over again.</p>

<p>Look in detail at the program's Web site and read the catalog requirements closely.</p>