Rescind acceptance

<p>Is there a possibility my acceptance will be rescinded if I have a C and a C+ on my second semstet report card. The C + which I am trying to make a B-would be in AP Gov- it is a one semester class and considered the hardest at my school. The C would be in AP Calculus a/b- I had a B in this last semester; I am honestly trying as hard as I can but just cannot wrap my hea around the material. My other grades would be A,A,A-, and B. The A- and B are AP classes. So really my question is would two C's be cause for me to worry about rescindance?</p>

<p>Call them tomorrow and ask them. Knowing is better than not knowing.</p>

<p>My guess is that you'd be OK with 2 Cs. Gotta think 1 C wouild for sure be no problem. But as VH says, call. Let us know if you would and do call. My D has issues with Calc BC but it looks like a B is fairly certain.</p>

<p>I too would recommend calling, but don't sweat it too much. Among the Ivies, Dartmouth is known to be the one that both historically and contemporally "takes it easy". They used to have the lowest average GPA among the Ivies in the up until the 70s. Even though they now have the same average as the rest of the league, students and an alumnus have told me that it was relatively stress free and grades are rarely an issue.</p>

<p>Not to knock the school, I loved it and applied ED.</p>

<p>You will be fine. Dartmouth, as the above posters are saying, does not rescind easily. However, you will probably get a warning letter, which just means shape up a little bit because college will be harder. Lots of people get those though. It's just so people don't think Dart. is pro-seniorities :)</p>

<p>You should worry about getting rescinded if (a) you fail to graduate, (b) are convicted of a felony, or (c) are discovered to have committed fraud in your application. Short of that, golfer 3 is correct: colleges don't want to rescind, though a bad nose dive senior year won't make them happy.</p>

<p>I think you'd be okay.</p>

Among the Ivies, Dartmouth is known to be the one that both historically and contemporally "takes it easy".


<p>Actually, Harvard graduated 70% of its students cum laude for decades, and in the 70s was well known for easier grading than any of the other elite schools in the Boston area.</p>

<p>Penn was frequently the butt of jokes as barely an Ivy. </p>

<p>Cornell was supposed to be the easiest to get into and the hardest to stay in.</p>

<p>This kind of scuttlebutt usually has a kernel of truth, but that's about as far as it goes. A school that routinely hands out lower GPAs is at least as likely to be rigorous as the reverse. The average grade given at my alma mater in the 70s was a C. It wasn't because it was easy and the students were laid back. This wasn't "the gentleman's C."</p>

<p>To return to the original question, I doubt they will rescind you. If colleges rescinded every senior who got a C they would have astonishing summer melt. But you might want to get tutoring in Calculus ASAP. THere are situations later where HS grades are required.</p>