Rescind admission because of one bad grade?


<p>I am (potentially) planning on attending Rutgers School of Engineering. I am doing really bad my AP Calculus AB class. It's not because of the dreaded senioritis or a lack of studying either. I feel like I understand the topics, but have no idea what happens because of the difficult tests they give. I am currently in the D range at the moment (after my failing midterm). I am hoping to improve soon. Will Rutgers rescind me because I received a one D or D+? I am currently acing all my other classes with mostly As and 1 B. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?</p>

<p>They won't see your final grade until the end of the year. So keep studying, and get a tutor. Why not ask your teacher for some practice problems as well? You will be taking a lot of calculus as an engineer so you might as well learn it now.</p>

<p>I'm sure you will do fine.</p>

<p>Ya I am getting a tutor and doing as much practice as possible. But in the event I do get a D+ or a D, what would happen?</p>

<p>Everybody gets at least 1 bad grade as a student, but that doesn't stop them from getting into a school. Worst thing is you won't get the credits for those AP credits to place you out of Calc, and you will have to take the placement exam. Just do well on the placement exam and you'll most likely be able to take Calc. freshman year.</p>

<p>Universities reserve the right to rescind any admissions if they detect a significant drop in the student's grades. I mean, that's one of the primary reasons why schools request final HS transcripts from students who had been admitted. Schools do expect to see a drop in students' grades due to senioritis, but "a significant drop" may geopardize you.</p>

<p>Chances are, if you get a D (especially in courses that pertain to math/science), you are likely to be asked by SOE to provide a reason for the drop in the course grade. Depending on your response, they may or may not decide to rescind your admission. It's funny how I know this, because I think some parent asked a similar question at the freshman open house last year. She was concerned that her daughter might get a D in Spanish or something. So the response above is not mine; it's dean Rankin's.</p>

<p>Keep studying and I'm sure you'll do fine. Best of luck.</p>

<p>My 'guess' is that Rutgers would not rescind your admission for one D in calculus.</p>