rescind? help

<p>HI college confidential. I was wondering if UCR will still rescind me after I told them I gotten 2 D's in my first semester of senior year, Pre-calculus and Stats AP. I wrote them an email a few months ago and the only reply I got was that they have received my email. My 2 other friends also got D's however they have higher gpa/sat scores than me and they received an email from UCR saying as long as they dont slip anymore, they would be ok. So I was wondering if they would still rescind me. Stats AP I had to drop because my conselour made me and Pre-Calculus was a make up for 1st semester. 2nd semester I got a C- but that was in junior year. I also finished all my a-g classes during my junior year.</p>

<p>no one can answer you for sure. call in.</p>

<p>Hello! Depending on whether or not you have fulfilled the minimum requirement of courses with satisfactory grades you might not get rescinded if you maintain a satisfactory GPA. However, I would suggest you contact the admissions office by phone and notify them of your concerns, since you will have to notify them of your poor grades eventually.</p>

<p>um.. i'm not sure.. but why are you taking 2 math classes senior year? well i am (ap calculus AB, and AP Stats) but were you confident in taking them?.. 2 D's seem really bad imo. but maybe you could tell them why you got it, besides senioritis. I don't think a D really truly affects your admission status because i got in to a few UCs' with a D in geometry. but freshmen year. </p>

<p>I'm pretty sure your okay, but you better call/email them and ask them about your status before you get screwed last minute!</p>