Rescinded over these grades?

For context, I have gotten all A/A+s throughout high school, with the large majority of my grades being A+ grades (including first semester senior year). However, I have a terrible case of senioritis and I will probably get 2 A-s and 1 B for my final grades for some of my classes. If it is relevant, I think I might have been an applicant rated academic 1 based on my ECs and grades, and I tried to emphasize my academic performance when applying. Based on these grades I am predicting, is it possible I might be rescinded (and if not, how bad would my grades have to be to be rescinded)?

No college will rescind for a B.

Don’t get a D or more than one C

Repeat after me:

“No Fs,
No Ds,
No Felonies.”

You can also add:
“And no wall of Cs.”

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No racist memes

That doesn’t rhyme…

nice username

but no colleges would rescind a B

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