Rescinded Question

<p>I'm enrolled at the University of Miami next year, I have picked my courses, met my roommate, and paid for housing, and am paying full tuition</p>

<p>My first quarter average was a 94, 2nd was a 88, and 3rd was an 80.</p>

<p>For my final quarter I'm probably gonna have around an 75 average maybe? </p>

<p>mostly C's probably, will this affect my admission? Probably at least one D no more than 2.</p>

<p>My original average for all of high school when I applied was a 88.</p>

<p>A D will be a problem. Call them and ask about it and do everything possible to get your grades up. It's really late now but ask your teachers for extra credit opportunities or something to fix your grade.</p>

<p>Schools have different admission policies though I doubt you will be rescind.</p>

<p>lol don't lose any sleep over this, they will not rescind your admission</p>

<p>As pointed out, D's are significant and at some colleges will cause you to be rescinded. The thing you need to do is act. Sitting around hoping for the best isn't going to do you any good. Get on the phone and call the admission office. It may turn out its not a problem, and then you have a load off your mind. And if it is a problem there may be time to do something now (take a summer class at your HS or a community college) that keeps you admitted; if you wait until the middle of the summer when they get around to checking all the transcripts and act it will be too late for any of that.</p>

<p>Ds can cause you to rescinded at some colleges. If that happens, you won't be able to stop it, but will probably need to go to a community college, get good grades there and then transfer to the college that rescinded you.</p>

<p>Colleges figure that if a student is getting Ds senior year -- while they're still under their parents' watchful eyes -- the student will do even worse when they're on their own in college.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that the transcript sent by your hs will show the FINAL grade for each course for the year - most do not break it down by quarter. I would check with your hs to confirm this - and then look at how your final grades will look. Even if you get one D in the 4th quarter - maybe you have a c or B for the final grade.</p>

<p>^ What rockvillemom said is mostly like correct. </p>

<p>Just calculate your grade over the four quarters and if it's a C- or better, you'll probably be fine. I wouldn't sweat it, kid.</p>

<p>Agreed with Rockvillemom.</p>

<p>Our school's final transcript shows final grades only for each course taken between 9-12 (plus HS courses taken prior to 9th grade. </p>

<p>Call your guidance office and ask how yours look. Do well on your finals to pick up your grades.</p>

<p>UM is great (son is there.) Any problems, call them. UM is really nice and helpful. Congrats on this amazing school.</p>

<p>Agreed with the above posters. </p>

<p>Also, just contacting admissions in itself will be beneficial. They prefer honesty, and letting them know beforehand is better than sending them the final transcript as that could be considered deceitful.</p>

<p>Best of luck, and congratz on getting accepted at UM! It's a great school. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the help guys, when I call the admissions office should I just tell them what I think my final grades will be and ask if thats ok?</p>