<p>I'm probably gonna have a C in Physics C this semester...not due to slacking off as my other grades are all As or B+s. I applied for engineering (I know), but this class has made me think that engineering isn't exactly for me, so, if I attend Rice, I'm seriously thinking of changing from engineering to economics. I know Duke "re-evaluates" accepted students with Cs on their transcripts after being accepted. In this worst case scenario, could I get rescinded from Rice? Should I call admissions to make sure (if I am accepted)?</p>

<p>I seriously doubt that one C will cause you to be rescinded, just don't let all your other grades fall to C's and I think you should be fine.</p>

<p>that won't be a problem. im easily pullin an A in BC Calc and have just 1 B.</p>

<p>bump bumpb</p>

<p>Why are you bumping? You were told it would be fine. I got a C in physics my senior year IIRC, and it was fine.</p>