rescore SAT II's?

<p>does anyone know someone who's SAT scores went up after having his/her test rescored?</p>

<p>I can tell you that I had my writing test rescored two years ago, and my score did not go up. The scoresheet said I had only gotten 2 wrong, but that I had omitted 10 questions, and I had also somehow gotten only a 5 on my essay. Waste of money. They wouldn't rescore my essay, and sent me a letter saying I did in fact omit the last 10 questions and probably forgot to the last page in the test book. Oh well, I retook it the next year and got a 780 (a 170 point jump, I wonder if that looks weird lol...) I don't know if this story helps you since my situation was kinda strange, but rescoring did not help me.</p>

<p>okay thanks! my mom is also telling me that it won't help. hmmm</p>