Rescoring - Advice/Help

<p>On the november SAT i did pretty damn well - 790/800/800, with the 790 in CR. I thought this was the result of a harsher curve than normal, but after getting my score report back I saw that my scantron indicated i omitted a question [as well as missing two]. I don't remember omitting anything because I was going for a perfect score; on the contrary, I remember omitting answers for both my other reasoning test and my subject tests. I know it's ridiculous, asking for a rescore with the high score I got already but should I get this rescored by hand to check for errors?</p>

<p>It says that the question I omitted was in passage-based reading, a medium question. I also apparently missed one easy question in passage-based reading.</p>

<p>My decision for rescoring the test stems from guessing if the question I KNOW that I missed in passage-based reading was the easy one or not. If it was the medium one, I probably got it wrong and the scantron just marked it as an omit for some odd reason while I missed an easy one because of a stupid mistake. I have a feeling the one that i know i missed was in fact the easy question, but I can't be sure, so could I have your opinions?</p>

<p>The question I missed dealt with the indian kid's emotions when he realized his uncle's [dad's?] book was in the lady's house. I recall the answer was that he was overjoyed; i can't remember what I put but I know it was something different.</p>


<p>i wouldnt bother if i were u. i know its frustrating to be so close to a perfect score but in the end, you will have very little (if any) advantage in your college apps with those 10 pts.</p>

<p>definitely rescore this</p>

<p>aight, i might rescore it then. i guess the worst that could happen would be that I got it wrong and I'd have a 780 --> 2380, which isn't too different from a 2390. any other opinions?</p>

<p>wait lol, scores can actually go lower?!</p>

<p>i know of ppl who got their scores rechecked and had their scoress go down. They'd narrowed their answer choices to two and then circled an answer. but they had changed their minds last minute when they were bubbling in some answers and forgot about the question book.</p>

<p>^i dont think that matters. its the answers in the answersheet that count, not the booklet.</p>