Rescoring AP Exam


I took AP World History this year and I got a 3 on the exam. I have taken a few other AP courses and all of my scores were what I predicted, expect world history. I thought I got a five. I know I nailed all of the FRQs and I though the MC was a joke. I spoke with my teacher and he thinks that I should have it rescored since I did so well in his class and consistently scored high on his MC and FRQs. I would always get at least a 7(usually a 9) on all of his FRQs (he is an AP grader, and he even made the standards to get a high score a lot more difficult). I did really well on his mock Mc section consistently. Should I have my exam rescored? what are your opinions or experiences? thank you!

@DoctorMD when they rescore, they only hand grade mc. unless you are certain you messed up on the mc, you’re throwing 30 bucks down the drain.

Is there any way possible to order an individual score report at least?

There is nothing that will show any further detail than the 3, if that’s what you mean.

@skieurope Thank you!

Does anyone know why they don’t rescore the free response part?

I don’t think they rescore that part. When do the rescored AP test scores come back?

Yes, because it has already been graded by two graders. If those 2 graders differ by more than one point, a chief grader will make the final call. Plus the obvious reason that all the graders have gone home.