Rescued from a Life of Crime

<p>The September 2011 issue of "Reed Magazine" has excellent articles about Reed and what is a Reedie: Reed</a> Magazine | September 2011</p>

<p>I especially recommend that you read "Rescued from a Life of Crime" by the amazing Chuck Bigelow '67 (a contemporary of mine at Reed): Reed</a> Magazine | Thinking Reed: Centennial Essays by Graduates of Reed</p>

<p>And be sure to look at the front page vid of the installation of the Giant Hampster Wheel.</p>

<p>I've been giving money to Reed for the 45 years since I graduated. Unlike Chuck Bigelow, I wasn't rescued from a life of crime. But I was plucked out of the suburbs of Los Angeles and brought to a fantasy learning island. If you are excited about learning or creating -- anything -- you should take a close look at Reed.</p>