Research at Dickinson College

I’m looking to apply to Dickinson for Fall 2018 as a freshman, Does anyone know about research opportunities like if it’s mandatory for some majors or all students? and If you know anything else related to it like if students can head their own research or anything special that would be greatly appreciated! thanks

Here is a link to the website page at Dickinson on research:

You can click on the subject areas here to see what types of senior thesis project students did for honors in their departments. You can see that there are research opportunities in every subject.

If you go to the specific majors in the Academic section of the website, you can see more info in some cases on research opportunities.

However, if you don’t want to do research, you mostly can avoid it. D1’s boyfriend was an econ and public policy major, and I don’t think he did any research and did not do a senior thesis. I don’t think you can graduate with honors in most majors without doing some kind of research or thesis project. My D did her thesis in political science with original research. I think she picked her own topic, and found a prof willing to advise her. In general, research is encouraged and supported.

Our D attends Dickinson & it is very strong in research, I’d say. There are many opportunities to pursue research work, alongside professors, and it is a very positive learning environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and to engage in interesting discussions on a variety of subject matter. It is a small Liberal Arts College with excellent academics and a warm, supportive administration. You’d really like it there, I feel.