Research but no Science Fair


<p>I have been doing research in both Childhood Obesity, and Dementia Research (the research will be published). I am not just tagging along, I am actually writing papers and working with University professors. I really enjoy what I'm doing and the professors have agreed to write me letters of recommendation, but does it look bad that I don't do any fairs?</p>


<p>It doesn't look bad, but if I were you, I would be doing as many fairs as possible. They display a further interest in science and can be an opportunity to get scholarships and meet new friends.</p>

<p>Hi CJ,
Research itself already shows that you're interested. Science fairs simply show a more..extended aspect of you. I would say that a research paper publication trumps science fairs for the most part (unless you're talking about STS or Siemens finalists).
If you don't have to time compete in Science Fairs, you should also consider participating in science olympiads, or regional science bowl competitions. USNCO, USABO, or even USAMO (math) are all quite prestigious if you make it to finalist-level. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>