Research experience

I’m a sophomore in high school and I want to gain some research experience by working in labs at my local university. How did you guys get lab positions? I’m also seeing that some people are published and getting mentored while in high school. How did you receive those positions in the lab while in high school?

According to my close friend, the most reliable way of getting a research position is having connections inside the university (for example, parents are professors or admissions consultants have some connections to help you get a position). If you don’t have that, other people have said to simply email professors you are interested in working under about your interest in their research.

I also suggest you just contact the professor that you want to work under and explain your interest.

I found and applied to a program that was at my preferred university under a topic of my choice. Once I got in I was able to get to know the professor from the lab and continue to work with him. This may or may not work depending on the university so a lot of friends have just cold emailed professors and gotten research positions.

A friend of mine got her research position online, but we live in a pretty big town and she had perfect grades so the prof was convinced she would actually be helpful.