Research for Finance or Econ Major

I want to major in Econ or Finance (business).

What academic research can be done during High School to prepare for a business major (finance or economics)?

How do research in finance/econ work exactly during high school?

I would take as much advanced math as you can. AP calc would be great. Calc is generally a prereq for business classes and lots of econ programs are getting very calc dependent including multivariable calculus.

As @rickle1 says, if you can finish AP Calc AB, BC, and AP Stats, that would be ideal. Chances are you will retake them in college but they look great on apps and show you can handle the rigorous math coursework. As far as ECs research isn’t as plain for Business as you might think.

When it comes to doing research, it is often something like examining large and small companies business models and finding ways to improve them. This might be in creating more sales and traffic, lowering over head costs, finding new ways to run marketing and client outreach, etc. Many business majors don’t go into college with a direct connection to business like owning their own or holding a high-up position. However the more you have the better. Something you could do is reach out to small businesses in your area, many of which are struggling right now, and offer to create and run social media for them. You will gain marketing experience while they gain free exposure. The best thing you can do is look for opportunities to create hands on experience, and if you can’t find any then to create your own.

Additionally, start your own club at school. Find entrepreneurship competitions to compete in and work with your classmates to do so.

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Unless you are interested in applying for graduate school in finance/econ, then research is less important. When applying for finance/business internships and jobs, internships and clubs related to finance/business will carry more weight.