Research Methods - FRI / Social Behavior classes

<p>I'm signed up for this class, and I was assigned a teacher, Poteet. Looking on myedu and her background, her research focus (ecology) doesn't interest all, and is the lowest rated of the FRI teachers. I wouldn't want my grades to suffer because I'm bored out of my mind.
It's only the first course/semester of the FRI program, so I don't know if her research will have a big influence on the class. The alternative would be Shear, but I'd have to take a 6-9pm class, and i'm not sure of her research specialization.</p>

<p>Also, I really want to take Human Sexuality next semester or next year, but it needs a psych or social behavior prerequisite. The Intro to Psych classes were restricted (can anyone explain why?) and I wasn't sure what other social behavior classes there were. I just signed up for Sociology, bc it seems similar. Would Sociology count as a social behavior class or is there any way i can get into psych?</p>

<p>intro to psych is probably restricted to psych majors for now</p>

<p>For research method-FRI class, the research of your instructor has absolutely nothing to do with the class. They are probably not even going to talk about their research. In research method, they teach you how to use scientific method, how to write lab reports, and let you go conduct couple of your own really simple experiments, etc. After one semester of research method, you pick a stream to go there (the list can be found on the FRI website- there are about 20 or so streams). That's the one you pick about what you want to do research in. So "research" doesn't start until the second semester.</p>

<p>Wait for add/drop days in the end of August to get into classes you want to get into. Classes change a lot during that time.</p>