Research Paper

<p>How much does being published in a scientific journal help in college admissions?</p>

<p>depends on what you plan to study and how selective the college is- at a school like MIT or something, a lot of people do it, so not that much.</p>

<p>It helps a lot! Definitely include it in your college app. Of course it varies based on where it was published and what you want to major in and how much help you got</p>

<p>If it’s related to what you want to study, then it’ll definitely help. Whether it’ll get you in somewhere, that’s a different story. For example, from a thread by a member named gibby on chances for competitive schools:
“There is nothing, literally nothing, that in and of itself will get you in to MIT… A few years ago, we did not admit a student who had created a fully-functional nuclear reactor in his garage.” - MIT Admissions Blog</p>

<p>Definitely all helpful answers! Thanks a lot guys!</p>

<p>It’s helpful, trust me.</p>