Research programs to apply to?

Hello, incoming junior here.

Since I have a bit more time during summer, I figured I would start looking at what research programs to apply to next summer. I am interested in computer science, and am currently considering SEAP, UCSB RMP, SSTP, and BU RISE.

For anyone that has recently gotten into any of these, would you be able to share the process and what you were able to put on the application? I know all research programs have generally gotten harder in recent years. Below are my stats , not including ECs or previous research.

UW GPA: 3.97
W GPA: 4.36 (Will have when applying)

College courses:
DeAnza cc: Intro to Python - A+
Gavilan cc: Intro to C++ - A+

AP Scores:
AP Biology - 5
AP Calc AB - 5

ACT: 36
E: 35
M: 36
R: 35
S: 36

You have the stats to apply (which doesn’t guarantee anything with an acceptance rate in the single digits) to RSI so might as go for the top science research program for HS students in the world

Are there any safer cs research programs you would suggest?