research project mentor

<p>Ok, so I saw that a lot of CC-ers with really great apps listed some type of science fair (Intel, Olympiad) or a job as a lab asistant to a researcher on their EC. I'm really interested in doing something of that sort to boost my totally EC-lacking app but I have absolutely no idea how. I don't have any family connections with any professors or researchers and my parents do not work in those fields so they can't help me. Does anyone have prior experience who can tell me how to arrange mentorships/job-shadowing? Also, is it possible to get an award on a prestigious science fair(Intel) without the aid of a "pro"? It just seems as if all the major award winners are those with access to sophisticated lab equipments and with connections.</p>

I feel the exact same way! I see all the other CCers transcripts and feel like a total idiot, not having done any research or lab time at all. I think the hardest part is always initiating the research. I hear Intel STS and Siemens really help with college apps, but I just don't know how to get started.</p>

<p>seriously! it seems like they all have some sort of insider-connection since I think it's impossible (unless they're all Einsteins) to come up with all the ideas for detecting black holes or whatnot without any aid. At least you have time since you're still a freshman(not trying to be stalkerish, just saw one of your posts)! I'm going to be a junior already!</p>

<p>bump! could someone plz give me some advice????</p>