Research Proposal advice

<p>Any advice on how to write a research proposal (undergrad, 1 pager, not NSF level)?</p>

<p>Lots of links on the web as to how to do this. I had to write one for an in-house research project that I wanted to do at my last company... The proposal was around the same scope as your research proposal sounds like it needs to be... Just a couple of pages.</p>

<p>UNH</a> Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research</p>

<p>It's like writing a lab report but it's all phrased hypothetically. Just take that application proposal and scale it down to a page. Most of what you right should probably be categorized as project history/definition (what you're going to study) and approach/methodology (how you're going to study it), but probably include a little about who else will be working on it, who your faculty advisor is, timetable, etc.</p>

<p>Good luck! I'm sure other people will be able to add things... Also maybe try posting this in the graduate forums. I know you're looking for an undergrad research proposal how-to, but grad students write plenty of research proposals and can likely give you some good tips.</p>