Research route vs course route ?

Hey, could somenone explain me how a master works ?
Because in the college sites i’ ve visited , i noticed that when they talk about the two possible routes, they don’t explain WHY it’s better to choose one path or another .
So , the research/thesis route will be better to show a possible employer your abilities / skills or it doesn’t matter much ?
And the course path ?
I will possibly major in AE ( in the case it is important to know (?))

The Thesis route is more important if you plan to do a Ph.D. or a career in research. Otherwise a more professional degree with a project might be good enough for employment in a company

Is the likelihood of getting funding greater in a thesis masters vs a non-thesis masters, for the field you want to study in?

Perhaps funding can seal the issue; maybe this is different from engineering in my home country (where thesis masters, labeled MASc, are funded, and coursework masters, labeled MEng, are not)…

@xraymancs If i’m planning to pursue a master first. And then search for a job which will be the best choice ?
And in the case, if one day, i wanted to pursue a PhD ? which will be the best option then ?
Thank you both !

For an eventual Ph.D. it is best to have some research experience and so a thesis would be preferable. The thesis will not hurt you in looking for a job, it might end up taking a bit longer to complete the degree than if you took a coursework only degree though.

Many jobs in the research sector and R&D seem to want some sort of research experience and familiarity with the research process. If that’s your goal, the research/thesis MS might be beneficial.