Research Scholars program?

<p>My DS got a letter inviting him to apply for the College of engineering research scholars program. Just curious is anyone in it or applying for it?</p>

<p>My son also got this, it looks pretty intense. Unfortunately he is now thinking this school may be too difficult to travel to, and we can not afford the $1200 or so right now that it would cost us to visit :frowning: Too bad because I think it is a really good fit for him.</p>

<p>Yes it is up there. They have a small airport in houghton you can fly into. We have driven up from Georgia before but I wouldn’t want to do it very often. I think most kids stay there except for breaks. It’s a nice school and my DS likes it… you need to really like snow.</p>

<p>My son also got this invite, and the Honors one… wondering about both… the time commitment for one, the other, or both… choosing one over the other… what the benefits would be… maybe choosing neither because not sure if he can write… one… more … essay!</p>

<p>And we got another “invitation to apply” for MTU Pavlis Institute. Not filling out one more form or writing one more essay unless it’s for someone to give him money :p</p>

<p>Oh yes - that one arrived as well. It’s a little dizzying all the choices.</p>

<p>Yes all the essays have been a lot of work … Why can’t everyone ask the same questions?:)</p>